Monday, January 7, 2092

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Open Lab Blog - This is where EVERY STUDENT is expected to post what they did during Open lab.  If you don't post here on the day of the Open Lab, then you will not receive the full points.
See the Open Lab Rubric Instructions for full explanation of points
  1. If you worked on your "Official" Robotic Club Project, then just provide a short overview of what you did (20+ words) and link to your project blog
  2. If you did not work on your "Official" Robot Club Project, then put a more detailed blog entry about what you did. (50-100 words + Pictures and/or links or attached code)

Friday, January 24, 2020

Today, we learn about how use technology to kill Locust. Also we research about it. After then, we start learning about Raspberry pi on how to code on Python 3(IDLE). I feel like this way of coding is easy to learn than last semester. I'm existed for next week because we will start learning about how to use If, while and of statement on to Python.
At the end, we start doing Robot project. half of as start working on the new car and other half on the old one. We stalk in the new car, on the hydrogen doesn't fit ob the board so that Mr. Burnham will cut for as so it will fit. The old one fine but we need to fix the wheels, and we need to start practice now because from last week tournament we expriense that the driving is hard.

Christopher - AM - 30 Mins - Finishing Chapter 3 Questions

During this time I worked on finishing the chapter 3 short answer questions from yesterday. For the first question, I asked the person to create a for loop that generates numbers between 0 and ten. Then when they've done that, I had them create a conditional statement that prints " is the chosen number" when x equals to 4. For the second question, I had the person create a for loop that generates numbers between 0 and 7 that runs only one time. To do this they had to create two variables that have a randomly generated number value. For the second part, they had to add those two variables together and then use a condition statement to see if that value is less than or greater than 4.


Tomorrow I plan to work on relocating the cortex of Dewey so that it's in the back than rather in the front. Then if I have time, I would create a battery bay within tinkercad that would be mounted somewhere on the chassis.

Michelle - AM - 35 mins - A New Project

Earlier in Open Lab, I was talking to Theo what we should for SkillsUSA. We agreed to take a break until the results because we saw that there wasn't a point in continuing to fix our robot if we didn't make it to State. From this, I was looking in the Tech Challenge at the Tech Interactive. I was considering to do the competition until I talked to Mr. Burnham if the students in the class are interested in doing so. Since I was told that there isn't time to make the device, I decided to focus on Arduino Cars. Before my First Tech Challenge, I was hoping to create a learning camp for students at Monroe Middle to learn how to use arduino like what Mr. Burnham did in Del Mar. I looked up cool projects or ways students can do with arduino car kits. I have the links down below:

My plan is to learn how to use arduino from the very beginning since I still don't understand completely what it is. That way, students can learn the basics of arduino then enable their learning into the arduino pre-built cars I have. Then try to a classroom learning unit that students can get out of. I was hoping to do this before my First Tech Challenge Competition is over.

Nathanielle - AM - 30 min - Buttons

Today, I didn’t really have a robot club project to do and I didn’t feel like working on the SkillsUSA bot so I messed with the Pi. I tried to connect a button with it and see if it will work. It needs more work. I couldn’t get it to run. Maybe I should use the Arduino, I don’t know. I might just make a controller for random things as my robot club project.

Robot Club Theodore Taylor

Hey guys, its me Theo back at it again with another blog entry and today I traced the frame of the hydro car shell so I can get a better idea of how the design should look like. I want to make a ventilation system for the car if possible so i was outlining everything for it. I think for the project I will help design the shell of the car as well as maybe help build some of the parts for it. Ill update soon!

Open lab - AM - Rikzin - Hydro cars

I worked on the hydrogen cars again today, we didn't get much time to work on them today, but we were able to work on checking the motherboards, I checked the board form the PM hydro car to see if it worked. The checking lights for if there was hydrogen or battery did work, but the connection to the fans didn't so in a way they're better than the other boards but they still don't work. Next time we get open lab time, I will work on finding ways to fix the hydrogen car boards I am not sure if it is possible but I will try none the less. We have 3 extra boards however none of them work, currently, we only have one working board meaning that we would only be able to compete with one car.