Monday, January 7, 2092

Pinned Post - Open Lab Expectations

Open Lab Blog - This is where EVERY STUDENT is expected to post what they did during Open lab.  If you don't post here on the day of the Open Lab, then you will not receive the full points.
See the Open Lab Rubric Instructions for full explanation of points
  1. If you worked on your "Official" Robotic Club Project, then just provide a short overview of what you did (20+ words) and link to your project blog
  2. If you did not work on your "Official" Robot Club Project, then put a more detailed blog entry about what you did. (50-100 words + Pictures and/or links or attached code)

Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Jerico-PM-1hour-Rub Goldberg

          Code Basically Done
Need to do
          Procure stuff
                    Cap Gun
          Mount said pieces to Board
          Finish Assembly

Cindy - PM - 1 HR - Rube Goldberg Project

Today in open lab, I worked on the windmill portion of the Rube Goldberg Project. We wired the DC motor to a 5V and built a support system for the motor. When we first tried hot gluing the motor directly to the ramp, the motor was too heavy and it fell off the ramp. To solve this, we built a support system out of legos to support the motor. We also glued the wings of the windmill to the axis of the motor. Next time, we are going to attach pipe cleaners to a piece of cardboard and glue the cardboard under the wings of the windmill in order to prevent the marbles from falling out before they reach the entry.

PM Michael Hartley hour

So I spent most of the time building leg suport that is 19 bricks high and 3 bricks long and that was it and i did some of that work place thing and that was all I did I am planing to build more supports in the future.

Lupe-PM-1hr-Open Lab: Placing the Components in the Correct Place Using a Low Quality Glue Gun

Today I worked on setting everything in place. 80% of my struggle and time was trying to get the glue gun to function properly. It wouldn't heat up the glue and when it did, the glue was not hot enough and would dry up quickly. It was super annoying. I finally got it working and placed everything where it needed to be. That was the most satisfying part of the whole thing. I also found out I need thread for the fishing line instead of using actual fishing line. The fishing line is too hard to wind up and tie. Nguyen and I will also need help setting up the sensors and the motor, just a little advice on how to set it up for what we want to do. Nguyen worked on the code for the motors and the sensors and they seem to be working. We got some progress done and will may be finished by the end of the week.

Maya -PM-2 Hours-LEGO stuff

I working on my Rube Goldberg Project for 2 hours. I tried to make a stand to put the marble reading thing onto but then I looked at the group before me and realized how tall it was supposed to be. Then I had to take apart the structure and I decided to use LEGO's instead because the pipes and cardboard were pretty flimsy. I set that up and then I did the motor that pushed the magnet over. The last thing I have to do is set up the magnet detecting part of my Rube Goldberg Machine, and then reconnect with Lupe/Nguyen who go after us, so that our output, an LED, will properly work. Most of the structures are done, and the code seems to be working but the magnet detection is kind of flimsy.

timothy - PM - 1 hour - open lab time

today for open lab i worked on the rube goldberg project with cindy. We created a piece where there is a motor attached and made a windmil out of hair curler things. then we put the motor on the inclined plane where marbles are going to roll down and we stabaliezed the motor onto the piece with legos and superglue. next we are going to make the light sensor part of our project.